Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Healthy Choices

Today’s rating is Positive.

I made some healthy choices today. First I spent some time planning with a health coach. I got this service for free from work. I always take whatever is free especially when I need it. After that, I went to the gym and met with a personal trainer. I am excited to see the progress I will get from the extra help.

One of the important issues to watch out for is stress. I read in The 24 Hour Customer that a stressed individual will have a more difficult time making decisions and rely more on the routine function side of the brain. How can we be expected to make healthy choices when we are living with bad habits?

Today, I made some goals. I plan on finding some new friends, find a new job, and get more fit. These are some big goals but I know if I can keep my focus, I will be successful.

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