Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today’s rating is negative.

Initially, I thought I’d use my rating system to help make sure I’m not getting down into the dumps. Today, I was feeling physically bad all day long. Even though I am in good spirits mentally, I didn’t feel right putting today down as positive.

I have learned about my birth number from a book called “I see your dream job.” I can’t say that all things are perfectly lined up with my birth path and what I know I’m to do. What I did learn was that I am hyper-sensitive. Its so very true and I try to remember that when I get upset about something like a person taking ten hours to respond to my text.

I titled this blog Thankful Thursday because I love alliteration and I’m so thankful that Friday is nearly here. Do you have any fun weekend plans? I do and I’ll share that tomorrow.

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