Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quiet Time

Today’s rating is Positive.

I was watching the Oprah Show this afternoon while working out at the gym. It was a show about happiness, which is a very important topic. If you’re happy, then you won’t be feeling as stressed. I know stress and I’ve been working on ways to reduce it. Oprah was sharing how ten to 20 minutes of quiet time can help anyone have a better life. I will give this a try, starting tomorrow morning.

Currently, I am struggling with friendship. I have some really great friends who live very far away and I am trying to stay connected with them. I have friends who live down the street and I have tried to reach out to them. Sadly, I don’t hear from them. I want to hang out with people who live close by but things don’t always work out. It hurts me and that is where my struggle lies. Do I keep trying to reach out to people who don’t respond? Have I used the wrong method to reach out such as emailing instead of facebook or calling instead of texting? I am praying for the wisdom to do what is right, the patience and strength to keep my pursuit.

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