Sunday, June 19, 2016

Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival

This is hands down the best festival that Oklahoma has to offer and it's getting bigger every year. 
We went to the VIP session, which was awesome! The glasses this year were actual glass and not plastic. 
Breweries in planning had a chance to pour. This is the Vanessa House and they're getting ready to launch their location. 
Home brewers also got to pour. That was so cool to see all my friends pouring their beer. 
Photo bomb!
Beth makes these pretzels and they're awesome! Our pretzel necklaces were not stolen. I was able to share with friends. I also made froot loop necklaces but I had time to only make two, so we didn't share those. 
We went to Tapwerks to say hi to our bartender. I met another Esther too! 
We then went home and grabbed a pizza for dinner. In all, it was a successful day and we had loads of fun!

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  1. I really wished I enjoyed beer, I just can't get past the bitter taste of most.


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