Friday, May 27, 2016

Ankle update

I ran 3 miles and then went in for the MRI. The tech said the photos came out great. The machine was giant and made all kinds of loud sounds. 
Wednesday, I tried to run but wasn't feeling it and walked. 
Thursday, I slept in. It was glorious! Then I went to see the doctor for my MRI results. There's nothing wrong with my ankle! Well, besides the sprain. That's still there. He said he could see that clearly. There was nothing floating around causing problems. He determined that I will heal eventually but the running has slowed that significantly. His recommendation was to stop running for two weeks. Then slowly ramp back up, depending on how my ankle feels. 
So Thursday night, I went for a walk. I'll walk tomorrow too. The doctor said that the elliptical is good too. No pounding pavement for me until my ankle is healed. So, this is good news. I'm going to do my best to heal. Send positive thoughts my way please. Happy Friday!

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