Monday, May 4, 2015

TV and random pics

At the beginning of the year, I was fed up with the cable service (the lack of decent service.) Plus the bill was outrageous! So I turned in the dvr and turned off the tv. Instead, I bought Apple TV. I was a little nervous about whether it would work or not. We've had some hits and misses. 
1-Hulu stunk. The same commercial 3 times in one episode? No, thanks.
2-iTunes had an issue one day and sold us corrupted episodes. After, hours of my time, I barely got the 10 free tv shows. Who puts somebody on hold for 40 minutes and doesn't check on you every 5 or 10 minutes? Apple customer service does.
3-The stupid box has to be reset regularly. It's annoying but it gets back to working in a few minutes of the reset.
1-HBO. It is awesome and we are getting into Game of Thrones. Now I'm a TV snob too. 
2-No commercials. Fox throws a bunch of previews for their other shows at the beginning of an episode but that's forgivable. All other TV shows are enjoyed without interruption. Love it! 
3-I never miss an episode. When I buy the season, the newest pops up automatically.
4-I can watch my shows. Exactly what I want to watch. This means less hunting around trying to find something.
5-YouTube is great on Apple TV too. 
I made a crown of mustard on my burger in honor of Game of Thrones. Haha! As you can tell, there's more hits than misses. I don't have to worry about missing out on the severe weather. My iPad has apps for that. I'll call this experiment a success. Now I just wanted to get into Netflix too but Blue is skeptical since Hulu was such a disaster. 
My shows
Naked and Afraid, Dual Survival, Mythbusters, Hell's Kitchen, Rediculousness, Pawn Stars, Game of Thrones
Do you have Apple TV? What shows do you watch? I'm up to season 2 on Game of Thrones! I won't be looking for any spoilers but I will get caught up. 


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  1. Netflix is way better than Hulu! No commercials! Downside is you don't get current seasons, but if you are binge watcher like I am that's not a big deal you catch up as soon as they post a new season. They also don't keep all their shows up all the time. Based on their contract with producing companies they will have a show (all season besides current airing season) and then they will take it off at some point, but most of the shows are on there indefinitely or for a really long time. You can even get Netflix for a while then unsubscribe after you watch what you want, always add it back if they put up more stuff you are interested in. I keep my all the time since my whole family shares it.
    I'll have to chat with you more about Apple TV this week at PPR. We have about 1 more week of cable and then we are cutting it off as well. Not worth the price.


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