Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The beginning of my journey

My journey towards health and losing weight started when I was 17. I went looking for photos that would document my progress and I didn't find much. What surprised me more was the few photos I did find, on the outside I did not look bad. That's not what I remember and there's a good chance that at my heaviest I won't find any photos. 

At 17, I weighed in at over 150 and wore a size 16. I recall purchasing some size 18s as well. I refused to get on the scale because I was afraid of the reality. I was not healthy.

All of my life, from grade school through college, I have struggled with weight. I was always getting the larger sized clothes and I would prefer baggy clothes over fashion because that was comfortable. I could hide my weight.

I don't know where I learned my eating habits from exactly. I remember eating until I was literally sick on several occasions. Looking at my parents, my dad is fit and trim but my mom is not. While I was a junior in high school, my mom and I decided to lose weight together.

We joined The Prism Weight Loss Program and attended weekly meetings. We had 4 phases to get through and it was faith based. I stuck it out but I can't remember how far my mom made it. I lost at least 20 pounds and went from the size 16 to a 10. I was feeling good but my struggles with food continued. I'd feel guilty when I had something that was not on the diet. Eventually, I grew tired of feeling guilty and stopped doing this diet.

I will need to take photos of my photos and that will be for another post. Have you struggled with weight your entire life? Am I the only one who dieted at age 17?

Drinking beer at McNellies in Oklahoma City 

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  1. My mom did WW when I was 14. That's where I learned "good" from "bad" when it came to food. At the time, I was definitely chubby. It took a very long time for me to grow out of that. I lost 20 pounds in high school by just paying attention to what I was eating. I gained 10 pounds my last semester in college, and lost that in unhealthy ways (i.e. restriction) back in 2008. Constant working out pushes me toward unhealthy habits (like thinking, "Oh that's BAD. I can't eat that") and so I had to stop working out everyday. I'm working on a balance…


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