Monday, July 1, 2013

Travel Tuesday

Mohammed was a character. Offering us ice cold cokes, he told us about all these trips he could take us on. It would be better than anything the Hilton had to offer. Heading out to the desert, going to the fields of wild flowers where essential oils are created, and going to Alexandria. Alexandria had catacombs, fresh seafood, and Fort Qaitbey, which was built in 1480. The enticing offer was a reasonable price and it would be personal to our tastes. 

Mohammed picked us up a the Hilton and we made our way to Alexandria. After driving for an hour, we stopped for a snack. Here, we saw women making bread. I was reminded of pizza dough since it was so huge.
Continuing the rest of the way, we had no idea how to get to the catacombs. Mohammed asked some random person on the street and may have gotten some idea of where to go. We made our way to the Pillar of Pompeii.  It was so cool and tall. We may have slipped the guard a few Egyptian dollars to take us below the Pillar for a photo op. 

We made it to a coliseum and finally found the catacombs. I am not a fan of anything related to death including burial. Obviously, there's no bodies in there but it was not my cup of tea. After that, we explored all over Fort Qaitbey and the was a lot of fun! I enjoyed exploring around and being right next to the ocean. This fort was originally built in 1480 with a lighthouse. 

The day was capped off with a seafood meal that was heavenly. We picked our fish from the case and it was immediately cooked to perfection. The table was covered in newspaper, which was helpful for all the fish bones and shrimp tails. Such amazing food!

We enjoyed our time with Mohammed and when he invited us to hang out with him at his Uncle's home, we couldn't refuse. This is where we got off the beaten track and ended up at a Bedouin's home. Sitting around a campfire outside, everyone was chatting, drinking, and smoking. Unfortunately for me, I was the only female sitting around the fire. All the men were smoking hashish and giving it to my husband. I had a good time but I kept the same beer in hand all night long. Looking back, it could have been a bad idea to join Mohammed but nothing happened. Now that's an Egyptian adventure.

Have you had any crazy adventures while traveling? I'd love to read about! 

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