Sunday, June 2, 2013

Serious Sunday

Dear friends,
You may have heard Oklahoma City is in a rough tornado season. The May 20th storm wiped homes off the map. May 31 a tornado came through El Reno and Yukon. At the time, we thought it was headed straight for downtown. I've called downtown OKC home for the last 2 years and have never been hit by a tornado. In fact there is no record of a tornado hitting downtown. Thankfully, the tornado turned south. As it was going south, we received inches of rain, strong winds, and hail. This rain flooded the basement of The Montgomery, my apartment complex. As workers were pumping the water out, they made a grave mistake. The water was pumped to where an old transformer sits, which blew from the unwelcome water. The Montgomery lost all power and the local power company ordered all residents to leave. We had no warning and no time to grab 3 days worth of clothes. I spent my time trying to get the kitties, which turned out to be fruitless. Then I changed tactics. I put out all the food and 5 massive bowls of water. Throwing clothes into a bag and hoping for the best. We left our kitties behind. They are resilient but I can't stop thinking of them. I don't know when our home will open up but it won't be soon enough. Many homes lost power and the local power company is focusing first on hospitals, police, and fire. We're second tier. Tomorrow, I'll share my experience in the tornado that did not hit downtown and ways you can help those in need. Please pray for Chomps and Kirby.
Chomps at The Montgomery.

Kirby at The Montgomery. 

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