Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Dear Friends,
I am excited to invite Jamie back from Bugs Beans! We are currently co-hosting a $40 Target gift card giveaway here.

Thank you Esther for inviting me to guest post on my fitness journey!

 I started a journey, a journey that I've never done before. My Portion Control Challenge is over and I must say I enjoyed it very much! I was allowed 1600 calories thru My Fitness Pal. I always told myself "I could never watch or count my calories," well, I'm that person now! I found in order to get some sort of idea about how many calories I was putting in your mouth, I MUST write them down! My Fitness Pal was my (and still is my) best friend when it comes to this. 

Now, my goal was to photograph my food portions everyday and share them with you...well...that didn't happen. I started off strong until day 11, although I was not sharing my photos with you I was still on track with my goals. I think out of the 21 Days, two of those days I went over my 1600 calorie goal. I don't think that was bad at all considering one of those days was a chinese buffet and the other was a family gathering.

So all in all I am VERY pleased with myself in sticking with my goal of watching my portions! The best part is I feel I was not deprived at all of anything, I just ate smaller portions.

Now I must admit this is VERY hard for me to show you my before and after photos. So here goes!

My Dreaded Before Photo:

My After Photo:

So there you have it! I lost a total of 10 pounds! I went from 176 to 166! I think my side view you can see a definite change. My front although there is a change I'm still not happy with how I look...but nothing exercise can't change!

Speaking of exercise, I did not do any of it during this challenge. For me I wanted to focus on portion control. I do and will always believe exercise is important in all over health and weight loss. Again the reason I chose 21 days is due to habit. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and I feel I have formed this habit that was definitely needed in my life.

So with that being said I am making a goal of incorporating another very important habit...that of exercise. For the next 21 Days I will be exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes. Now I know I will not be able to workout everyday forever, but again I am trying to form a habit and a good routine of exercise.

So please follow me on this journey for the next 21 days! I will have lovely before and after photos (I'm sure I will like my front view a lot better :))!

Thanks again Esther!

I am linking up with Erin at She's a Big Star and Alex at Skinny Jean Pilgrimage for weigh-in Wednesday. Come link up and be inspired by everyone's journey. I know its not perfect but we all have a journey and story to share. I am always encouraged by everyone's hard work. If you are interested in guest posting for Weight Loss Wednesday, please let me know. Thanks Jamie for visiting and I'll have you back at the end of this challenge.
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  1. Great honest post; really I do not think how much weight I could loose, I will always have my child bearing hips. Sometimes we have to just accept our body shape and love ourselves that we have a shape ...*smile*

  2. What a wonderful guest post! :)


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