Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Koala Edition

Welcome to Travel Tuesday! Today I'm sharing the koala files from our Australian adventure. First visit was to the Koala Breeding Centre, which was near Port Macquarie. We met the man of the house and he was adorable. Also nearby is the Koala Hospital where injured koalas get rehabilitated. It's a tiny place and most of the koalas were not ready for visitors that day. Of course we saw koalas at the Australia Zoo. In fact I got to hold a baby for a photo! So cute! We were also fortunate to see a koala in the wild. He was sleeping in a tree, so we admired him from a distance. These furry creatures are adorable and sleepy. Their primary source of food (the eucalyptus) provides very little in the way of calories. That's why they sleep as much as19 hours a day. Oddly enough, that's about as much sleep as my cats get. Hahaha!

Please stay tuned for Weight Loss Wednesday with a special guest post from Halie from Penuins Pasta and Polka Dotsand a surprise!

Helene in Between


  1. Wow, they're absolute cutie pies!


  2. I love Koala's... Great pics... Happy Tuesday girl.

  3. Wow this is so amazing! I love the photos.

  4. The Koalas are cute. I loved seeing those when I was in Australia. They just look so soft. I wasnt able to hold one, but my sister went and she got her photo with one.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  5. So adorable! What a cool experience :)

  6. AW! I wish I had touched a koala! I wonder how soft they actually are. They`re so funny looking and cute :)

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  7. sounds fun! i would love to pet a koala!


  8. Oh my word. They're adorable! What a great way to explore Australia.
    I could totally sleep 19 hours a day.


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