Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's another weight loss Wednesday and my (lack of) progress was to take three steps back. I'm back to the uncomfortable high weight of November. I'm still considering changes. I've considered weight watchers. I'm unsure of whether its right for me or not. The most I can lose is 15 pounds. After that, any more would be getting unhealthy. I researched paleo and I don't see that working for me. I'm seeing my blog BFFs (Holla at ya Mel) do advocare and my sister has been successful on it too. In conclusion, I am focused on finding the right nutrition for me while continuing my workouts and trying to eat healthy. Where are you at? Please stay tuned for thankful Thursday.

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  1. I am going to keep you updated. Day 1 was HARD - Day 2 is getting MUCH better. YAY! It's all in preparing the foods you need throughout the day.


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