Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silly Saturday

A comparison:

Tornadoes versus earthquakes

Personally, I have found these two powerful forces to be very disturbing. Watching walls and floors shake in unnatural ways defies all logic. Witnessing the destruction of entire towns is mind blowing. Having lived in places where these natural acts occur regularly, I can attest to which is preferable. Folks who live in tornado alley should count their blessings. There's a days notice beforehand. Tornadoes are easily visible on radar and weather professionals will tell you when to get to safety with 20 minutes to spare. I have lived here for nearly 2 years and I'm constantly quizzing the natives. Tornadoes are no big deal to them. I am regularly terrified but I am not a native. I don't consider tornado alley my home but merely a pit stop in life. Earthquakes are as terrifying and can be as destructive. There is no warning. Boom! Your feet can't trust the ground and there is no where to hide. There's no earthquake shelter to take cover. That is impossible. While I will pay due respects to tornadoes and their destruction, there is a way to hide and protect yourself. Tornadoes are better. If you live in a place that has tornadoes but no warning system, such as a siren, you are in grave danger. My recommendation is to move or get a weather radio. In fact, I need a weather radio to ease my fears. Tornado season will be here in no time.

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  1. Going through a tornado is terrifying we experience one in 2011 in NC and it was awful. A few friends of ours lost their homes.


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