Saturday, December 1, 2012

Silly Saturday

Welcome to Silly Saturday, where I display how silly I can be and showcase other's silliness. This post came about in part because I love alliteration in my titles. Through a series of emails, Kay at Colb, Kay & T. Rae complimented me on my masters degree. Truthfully, I haven't really had the opportunity to use it but I'm praying someday it will help me out. She said her students wanted to start calling her Master Zoe after she finished her degree. Considering I haven't used mine for much of anything, I thought a title would be putting it to some good use. I tried it out on my co-workers and both scoffed at me. I tried it with my husband and he said that was stupid. (One co-worker actually said it was silly.)
And then I gave up the idea entirely (except right here.)
So, would you call me "Master Davison" or "Master E"?
Perhaps that's just a little too silly for the general population.
Oh well.
I will find a use for that experience one of these days.
Please stay tuned for Serious Sunday and its not usually that serious.
Master E.


  1. Hahaha Master E has a good ring to it. :)

  2. If you go by Master E, you'll probably need to start rapping ;)


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