Sunday, December 9, 2012

Serious Sunday - Hawaii Edition

Welcome to Serious Sunday. Today's story comes from Hawaii, circa Fall 2001. While attending the University of Hawaii Hilo, hubby and I lived in the dorms on campus to cut costs. We also got rid of the TV, for the same reason. Dorms are created with concrete blocks and do not get good reception for anything including a radio. I don't think we had a phone either. It was semi-backwards living for us. On September 11th, we were awoken at 5am or so by a ton of knocking on the front door. I dragged my butt out of bed to find out that school had been canceled that day. The Resident Advisor didn't go into the details but said the tv in the common area was turned on to the news. I grabbed my handy radio to listen to the reports and was quite shocked (as the rest of the United States was.) I dragged R out of bed to tell him what happened. After staring for multiple hours at the tv in the common area, I was convinced having no tv was a bad idea. We bought a tv that day. We also took a hike up Rainbow Falls to decompress a bit. I felt trapped since all planes were grounded. Not a good feeling. We finished the semester and left Hawaii for a different school.
Semi-funny story from that same time: We had a film camera and was waiting on film to develop. The cheap version is to ship it off to Honolulu and get it processed there. (Seriously, I have no idea why that was cheaper.) Our photos didn't come back for an extra week, since planes were grounded. I couldn't tell you what happened to those photos, so here is a photo from Honolulu our second attempt at living in Hawaii.
I'm linking up with Nicole of Local Sugar who currently resides in
Honolulu Hawaii and has great pics of the island.
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Photo above is from Denver Colorado Botanical Gardens.

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  1. I don't think any of us can forget where we were on Septemeber 11th... Thanks for sharing your story! That's awesome that you lived in Hawaii! I've always wanted to go there...

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