Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top Pick Tuesday

I have been thinking about Greece, lately. It was such an incredible trip. We used Gap Adventures to get on a yacht for a week. We spent two days in Mykonos before hopping on the yacht and two days in Athens after, before returning back to reality. The beer we imbibed there is called Mythos. I have never seen it sold in the US. Sigh. Most everyone spoke English, which was extremely helpful since we didn't speak any Greek. The food was obviously different from what we were used to but still flavorful and not found here in the US (including every Greek restaurant I have tried.) We gave ouzo a chance but I couldn't swallow it. Not even mixed with ice. Too much licorice for me. I had a grand time taking photos of doors and with doors like the one above, who wouldn't? I will likely post other Greek doors. Perhaps, I will post a lot more of Greece. The entire trip was entrancing. 

Please share your favorite trip with me.  

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  1. Oh that blue door, don't you just want to knock, knock, knock on it? And, yes I am oh so looking forward to posts about your trip to GREECE!

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