Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five For Friday

  High Five For Friday friends! Today feels weird to me because yesterday I had a day off work and I'm back to work today. It's strange how these things work out. Please remember to go HERE for my first little giveaway. I'm hosting the drawing tomorrow. Here's my five faves for the week: having a day off, having a Starbucks, cooking brown rice successfully, consuming beer on Wednesday, and consuming wine on Thursday. Food was really big deal this week. Please enjoy these lovely iPhone photos and please share you five faves. Linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk.



  1. :) can you please high five me in the face with the Starbucks drink? :) NOM NOM NOM! Cute blog, I'm a new follower via twitter.

    1. Hi Nikki! I love the salted caramel mocha frappiccino! It's amazing!


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