Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ticket encounters

We have had a huge duffel from The Northface for years, maybe more than 10. We dropped the bag off with the ticket agent and he said we needed to get rid of the bag soon. I looked at how beat up it was but wasn't entirely sure what Jay meant. He said the bag was too big and would normally cost $200 to fly. Flabbergasted, hubby started arguing with Jay, "when did this start?" "Since day one," replied Jay. Thats when things got heated. Being the reasonable person I am, looking to avoid $200, I said, "aren't you going to waive it this time?" "Gee, I don't know. Your husband is not happy." "But I thought you said you'd waive it." "Alright, I'll waive it this time, but don't expect that to happen again" Interesting. Very often there is one person who sours a part of our trip and when it's at the beginning, we joke about it the whole trip. Thanks Jay for being so ridiculous. We won't be laughing if the bag doesn't make it but we are laughing at your hard nosed attitude.

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