Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Saturday

Today’s rating is Positive.

I received an email this afternoon to go to a friend’s engagement party tonight. I was surprised by the late notice and initially thought (incorrectly) that I wasn’t wanted at the party. This is where I usually get into trouble. I will make assumptions based off circumstances that turns out to be completely false. I have gotten myself wound up and upset over these inaccurate assumptions.

Today turned out a little differently though. I thought about another possibility, that turned out to be true. There was a misunderstanding between the hosts and the guests of honor. Thankfully, the misunderstanding was resolved and I did get the invite. I couldn’t tell you how I was able to make the change and its impossible to know if I will be able to think logically again. We all let our emotions take the reins at some point. It feels good to be in control.

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